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Ukraine culture.

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Introduction                                                                                                       3 1. General information about Ukraine                                                               4 2. Dance, Art, Holidays and Music Explored                                                    5 3. Cuisine - Flavors and Colors of Ukrainian Culture                                        7 4. Literature, folklore and music of Ukraine                                                      9 5. Holidays and religion of Ukraine                                                                   12 Conclusion                                                                                                         15 References                                                                                                          16


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Once married, it was considered a matter of great importance to keep the hair hidden under an ochipok – most likely due to the magical qualities attributed to hair in times gone by, . Winter coats sported sheepskin for warmth while heavy winter boots would often be packed away in summer when women would often walk about barefoot. Even today the clothing that is usually on display in museums or stowed away in a chest can tell the most enchanting story. Another aspect of folklore which is especially prominent during Easter is that of pysanky. Pysanky are the Ukrainian version of the Easter egg and the tradition of painting eggs during the Easter months was started long before Christianity was brought to the country. In fact, the tradition has its roots in ancient pagan traditions wherein the egg serves as a symbol of the sun, spring and the renewal of growth and nature. This ancient tradition – which is at least 3300 years old – was absorbed into Christian teachings and has emerged as a major custom in the world today. The eggs are delicately decorated with beautiful patterns and pictures and an admirer has to turn the egg to view all facets of its beauty. The patterns are distinctly Ukrainian and are pleasurable to see. There are many other facets of Ukrainian folklore which are not discussed here. The best way to learn more about folklore and to see the beautiful articles from Ukraine’s past is to visit a few of the many great museums in Ukraine which are dedicated to this subject. Doing this will greatly add to your visit and help you gain a better understanding of the history of the Ukrainian people. Traditional Ukrainian music is easily recognized by its somewhat melancholy tone. It first became known outside of Ukraine during the 18th century as musicians from Ukraine would perform before the royal courts in Russia and Poland. Ukraine's music history spans back many years and remains popular today. The bandura is commonly heard in Ukrainian music particularly those of the folk and semi-classical genres. A musical instrument from the 19th century, the bandura's forerunners were the kobza and torban. The use of these fascinating instruments is facing a revival in recent years. During the 15th century Ukrainian musicians, referred to as kobzari would sing epic poems whilst accompanying themselves on the kobza. A professional guild was established for the kobzari and was called “Kobzar Guild”. Sadly the kobzari suffered great losses during Stalin's rulership, but the guild is once again very active in Ukraine. Early on in the 1900s, Ukrainian musicians in the USA were able to keep traditional music from Ukraine alive when it almost disappeared in its homeland. One fiddler who gained great fame in USA was Pavlo Humeniuk. In previous decades, polyphony was a common sound in music from Ukraine and certain groups have kept it going. However, today, pop and rock seem to be taking over the scene. Certain tribes within Ukraine are known for their own unique music. The Hutsuls of the Carpathian Mountains make use of a trembita (alpenhorn) and different flutes. A great example of the rhythms and melodies of Hutsul folk music was seen in Ruslana Lyzhichko's performance at the 2004 Eurovision contest. Many exciting musicians and bands have come out of Ukraine. Some of them are dedicated to preserving the original traditional sounds of Ukrainian music whilst others have introduced new styles such as Ukrainian pop music. Ukraine is also well-known for its many great classical music performers. Ukraine's music has had a long and successful history and continues to make waves throughout the world. Why not listen to some music from Ukraine online, you are certain to enjoy it. 5.  Holidays and religion of Ukraine. There are a number of national holidays in Ukraine which are celebrated with gusto. Unlike in some other countries, most of these days have been enjoyed for centuries and there are long-standing customs which are followed as part of the celebrations. Many Ukraine national holidays are a time to wear costumes and celebrate the day with much rejoicing. This makes them a colorful feast for the eyes and definitely worth seeing. Christmas, Easter and Whitsunday are non-business religious holidays – something worth remembering if you’re planning to do some shopping or attempting to make business arrangements. Ukraine recognizes eight public holidays on an annual basis. Not all holidays are celebrated in style, but there are those which have a special place in the hearts of many Ukrainians. All religious holidays are set according to the Julian calendar so they are quite easy to follow. It is a law in Ukraine that if a particular holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the following Monday is an official holiday. This means that the people of Ukraine still get their well-deserved rest even if celebrations take place during the weekend. We have provided a list of the eight national holidays celebrated in Ukraine each year to help you make better travel arrangements, .
Ukraine culture.


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